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Helping Enterprises connect their points of sale to delivery platforms in a seamless way.

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The online food delivery market has been growing steadily across Europe over the past few years. The UK is by far the most developed country in this market, with a penetration rate close to 60%. Forecasts suggests that other countries – such as the Netherlands, Germany and Italy – could see their online food delivery markets rise substantially in the coming years. In addition, the current situation created by COVID-19 has pushed many people to try online food or grocery delivery for the first time, and as a result, has created a surge in demand for food and grocery delivery.

Nowadays, the key partners in the food and grocery delivery market are:

  • Delivery companies e.g. Deliveroo, Uber Eats, etc.
  • Restaurants, Cafés and Shops (points of sale)
  • Suppliers to Restaurants, Cafés and Shops (FMCG Enterprises)

It is crucial that all partners are connected, as this will make it easier for consumers to find and order what they need, and in turn will increase revenue for all partners. Within this context, suppliers (Enterprises) must ensure that Restaurants, Cafés and Shops are onboarded to online delivery platforms.

Are you an Enterprise facing challenges in getting your points of sale set up with online delivery platforms?

  • How difficult is it to onboard your points of sale?
  • How much effort do you put in standardising your product information and visuals across points of sale and delivery platforms?
  • How do you automate your interaction with delivery partners for transactions at your points of sale?

Here at Happ, we help Enterprises connect their points of sale to delivery platforms in a seamless way. We make the onboarding process a pain-free experience and provide a platform that enables an efficient operation between all partners.

Happ Delivery Partner Management Platform for Online Sales Operations helps you to:

  • Onboard your points of sale onto online delivery platforms
  • Create consistent branding of your products across delivery platforms
  • Automate your interaction with delivery partners
  • Customise the whole process according to the local markets you operate in
  • Measure your points of sale customer experience

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