Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management departments need to understand customers’ expectations and what is crucial to their satisfaction. This helps them to set priorities and reduce industry risk. Happ Customer Experience Management Platform helps these departments to understand every moment along the customer journey.

Human Resources

Understanding every experience that matters to your employees is crucial. Happ Employee Experience Management Platform makes it easy to gather feedback and identify the actions that will improve the experience for your employees. With a very simple admin interface, you can design your own surveys and reach out to your employees to get fast and meaningful feedback and insight.

Channel Management

Companies often fail to understand customer expectations because they are insufficiently aware of their customers’ preferred digital journeys. Channel Management departments need to understand their customers’ omnichannel journeys in order to break down barriers and deliver outstanding digital experiences to customers. Happ Customer Experience Management Platform captures digital customer journeys across different channels to enable single end-to-end customer experiences.


To deliver a winning, data-driven brand, product and services strategy, Marketing departments need to capture the right customer and user feedback at the right time. Happ Customer Experience Management Platform provides customer insight data that is easy-to-read and interpret. This means Marketing teams can allocate the right resources to improve customer experience and deliver modern, personalised campaigns.

Customer Insight

Customer Insight departments need to understand trends, patterns, and anomalies in customer experience. Happ Customer Experience Management Platform provides channel and segment-based customer insights so you can tailor your decisions to your customers. This helps you build long-term customer engagement with real-time journey analytics and orchestration.