Happ is delighted to collaborate with Happy Coffee Consulting

Happiness is Happ’s passion – and Happy Coffee’s. So, we thought we may as well collaborate to create more happiness together!

This collaboration unites Happ’s Experience Management tools with Happy Coffee’s expertise in creating Happiness at work. Together we’ll deliver valuable content on “how to” bring more happiness into the everyday lives of our customers and employees.

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About Happ

Happ Experience Management Solutions has been helping clients create seamless experience management journeys since 2015. We do this by enabling them to quickly understand and act upon customer and employee insights.

Our passion is happiness. Today we collaborate with more than 30 clients, from different industries and across eight countries, to design their own experience management processes. By creating more happiness for our clients, we help them achieve better business results.

Chief Executive Officer, Ozge Koca, ozge.koca@happcons.com

About Happy Coffee Consulting

At Happy Coffee Consulting we believe the future of work is happy. We are passionate about helping organisations create happier workplaces and happier people. We work with organisations to build workplaces of the future who put people at the heart of their business.

Our work with organisations around the world, provides services in more than 14 countries on an individual, team and organisational level.  Our clients include startups, mid-size and enterprise organisations. We help our clients increase employee happiness levels which supports their people and leads to direct business benefits.

Chief Happiness Officer, Sarah Metcalfe  – sarah@happinessatwork.co


happy coffee consulting

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