CX Day: The Evolution of CX, and Why it Matters Today!

As we approach the annual CX Day, we look back at the history of customer experience and why it’s more important than ever today.

What is CX day?

Global CX Day 2021 is a chance for industry professionals to recognise and celebrate the importance of customer experience around the world. Through online events and activities, CX Day raises awareness and encourages companies to deliver the best CX.

Who is CX day for this year?

According to Customer Experience Professionals Association, the creators of CX Day, the event is open to everyone. Whether you are a seasoned CX professional or not, there is a wealth of information to help you progress, with perspectives from around the world.

Why is customer experience management so important?

Customers aren’t just interested in the lowest price. In fact, 68% of consumers will pay more for products and services from a company with a track record of good customer service.

How customers feel about your brand affects everything, from your reputation to your revenue. Keeping customers happy with quick and easy interactions means they’ll keep coming back and hopefully help boost future sales.

As HubSpot points outthe best marketing money can buy is a customer who will promote your business for you” through loyalty, word of mouth, and advocating.

Do CX strategies work?

When it comes to CX, businesses that put in the hard work are rewarded. According to recent research by Adobe, “more than two-thirds of companies that already had strong CX capabilities outpaced their competition in the second half of 2020”. Using the right CX management software can help your business stand out.

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The history of CX

Customer experience management didn’t appear overnight. Over the years, the way we think about our customers, marketing, and our businesses, in general, has evolved.

As CX author Blake Morgan explains in Forbes, when she started writing and speaking about customer experience nearly 15 years ago, it wasn’t a priority for executives. She says that CX was something that happened by chance or, at best, by a tiny group of people in the corner of the office.

Today, things look very different. A 2019 article in the Harvard Business Review reported that 76% of executives now say improving CX is a high or critical priority. This might take the form of dedicated teams or C-level executives overseeing operations.

How the pandemic impacted CX

According to research by McKinsey, we jumped five years forward in digital adoption in just eight weeks during the pandemic. With many changes here to stay, businesses and consumers alike need to adapt to these new online behaviours.

It seems there is no time to lose, either. To fill the digital innovation gap, reports show that digital leaders across industries planned to spend an average of 25% more on digital in 2021.

Companies around the world need to make sure they have the talent and skills to succeed in digital CX management or risk being left behind.

What does the future look like?

Businesses that play catch up may find themselves struggling in the long run. Advanced CX management software can help companies take the lead and actively respond to what their customers need. For example, AI-powered dynamic surveys can increase response rate by 30%.

Our customer experience management software, Happ CXM, does all this and more. Through an easy-to-use platform, you can listen to your customers, take action, and increase customer loyalty.

Here’s how it works:

1.  Learn

Capture what your individual customers have to say across channels, including SMS, email, chat, websites, and apps.

2.  Understand

Analyse feedback, extract insights, and identify trends that will help boost your business.

3.  Act

Keep customers happy by responding easily via a mix of automated and personalised actions.

4.  Close the loop

Leave your customers feeling satisfied by getting back to them about the actions you’ve taken. Then, you can close the loop effortlessly with our automated tools.

Happ – Turn your customers into ambassadors

Businesses underestimate how often their customers have poor experiences. At Happ, we can help you stay connected to your customers, so you don’t miss important opportunities to improve. We want to support your company to deliver the best possible CX. To find out more, get in touch or visit our customer experiences page.

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