Helping Mercedes HR Team to Collect and Analyse Employee Insight

Mercedes Benz Turk is an important part of the Daimler­ development and production network. The company manufactures trucks and buses in two factories in Turkey, which are supported by the headquarters in Istanbul. Together, the facilities employ over 4,700 blue collar employees and 1,600 white-collar employees.

Mercedes Benz Turk HR team was faced with the issue of collecting consistent input and feedback from its employees working across three different locations in Turkey. As the team considers new initiatives, they have realized that they must get closer to their employees and get more frequent feedback and insight to understand and act upon. This way, the HR team can deliver more effective initiatives to create happier and more engaged employees, regardless of their location, position and ranking in the company.

Analysing Real-Time Insights to Understand Employees

In 2018, Mercedes Benz Turk turned to Happ and its Employee Experience Management Platform. The platform offers the Pulse Surveys functionality designed to quickly gauge and understand employee preferences. By delivering surveys using SMS messages, Pulse Surveys provides insight into various themes concerning the company employees, such as incentive schemes, employee training, workplace food services and social responsibility programs.

On average, Mercedes Benz Turk has been running a survey every 3 weeks over the past two years. Happ Employee Experience Management Platform enables Mercedes Benz Turk to cut the turnaround time for employee surveys. Instead of spending days gathering employee feedback, the HR team can send out an SMS campaigns and receive responses in minutes. This allows Mercedes Benz Turk to collect employee feedback on a specific subject that requires fast action.

SMS-based Pulse Surveys reach people who might not have access to e-mail, resulting in increased response rates. While blue collar employees in manufacturing often do not have access to e-mail, they can now have their voices heard because almost everyone owns a mobile phone. This allows the HR team to shape their decisions on truly representative data and make sure new initiatives reflect the needs of all employees.

“With Happ Employee Experience Management Platform, we are both saving time and effort. The HR department has the capability to send out quick surveys to thousands of employees and get faster, more frequent feedback.” said (Betül CORBACIOGLU, HR Director, Mercedes Benz Turk). “Since it is also very convenient for our employees to respond, we are receiving a more complete view of our initiatives and better develop employee experience.”

Better-Developed Employee Initiatives and Programs with Pulse Surveys

Pulse Surveys cover various topics, including getting feedback on how to use a certain empty room in a factory, the types of summer camps that should be organized for employees and training topics that are requested by the employees.

“When we analyse the response rates, we quickly see that some subjects are far more important to our employees,” said (Betül CORBACIOGLU, HR Director, Mercedes Benz Turk), Mercedes Benz Turk. “For example, one of the best response rates we have achieved was about the home office initiative. A survey about the home office initiative hit up to a 90-percent response rate. This showed us that our employees value the option of working remotely.”

The Employee Experience Platform also includes rich dashboards for a real-time overview of response statistics. The platform delivers individual and team-level reports while protecting employees’ anonymity and granting role-based access to various datasets. Powerful reporting capability with dashboards provides the right data for HR team that they need to analyse to make the right decisions.

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