Three ways customer insight improves contact centre agent performance

Improving the Customer Experience is a strategic imperative across the contact centre sector. Robust, real-time customer insight is an essential starting point to improve CX; without it there can be no real commitment or informed actions to address the issues customers are experiencing. As such, contact centre managers are constantly looking for new ways to use customer insight to manage, develop and motivate their teams; they all know that a good CX can only be achieved with a constantly thriving team.

Here are three ways managers can use customer surveys to improve the performance of contact centre agents:

1-Solve problems and celebrate successes

Real-time customer insight (various satisfaction survey scores as well as verbatims) allows managers to take the appropriate action to improve customer service or reallocate resources.  It can also be used to highlight best practice and motivate team members.

2-Training and coaching

Listening to customer feedback provides an excellent learning opportunity for contact centre agents. It improves their understanding of the issues and frustrations customers face. This encourages agents to be more helpful, friendly and go the extra mile to resolve problems.

3-Measuring and rewarding performance

Contact centre agents are often evaluated on a number of measures or targets, such as average call wait or average call handling time. Adding customer feedback to this mix gives a more rounded picture. It also improves agent motivation, as the reward and remuneration structure is perceived to be more holistic.   

Motivated contact centre agents are not just a ‘nice to have’

According to industry research, 90% of UK consumers have been dissatisfied with their experience of customer contact centres. What’s even worse is that over 50% have been left ‘crying with frustration’ or with their ‘blood pressure going through the roof.’

Well trained and highly motivated contact centre agents are not simply a ‘nice to have’. Around 25% of customers decide not to shop with a company again if they receive poor customer service. And, it doesn’t stop there; research from Gartner revealed that 48% of people who had a negative experience told more than ten people.

Read our report for a more detailed look at how customer surveys can improve contact centre performance chance to improve

In our latest report, we take a more detailed look at how feedback from customer surveys can motivate contact centre agents. We start by outlining the main types of survey available to track Contact Centre Customer Experience. We also give our best practice guidelines for designing effective customer surveys and explain how contact centre managers can use this data to motivate and develop their teams. You can download a free copy of “HOW TO USE CUSTOMER SURVEYS TO IMPROVE THE PERFORMANCE OF CONTACT CENTRE TEAMS” report here.

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